Our Story

In November of 2005, Brett Griffiths (son of Robert and Jody Griffiths) suffered a freak motorcycle  accident.  This created a tear in a vital artery that supplies djfhsjhdjfhskdhblood to the brain. The tear caused  the loss of blood to the left side of his brain, which in turn made Brett experience something very similar to a  stroke. He quickly slipped into a coma. Having lost the ability to speak, walk, and have complete  cognitive  function he needed full time care. Of course, this affected the whole family. So for 5  years following his  accident, his 2 children, wife, and parents visited him in the hospital every night.

Not wanting Brett to live his life in an extended care facility and wanting himKellis house to be home with family in 2009 Heros was created. They built Brett and his family an accessible home, making it possible for them to be together again after 5 years of separation. Recognizing the need for a day support program to assist in the daily care so that Brett and the family could have a life of independence Living Life was created in 2018.

We provide affordable options for those in need, with day care, references to services, in home care and new accessible  home building  or accessible home remodeling.


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