Living Life Ability Center

Living Life is a new concept in independent care fpictures llor individuals needing special care. Living Life provides a structured supported environment in a safe community setting. Living Life provides a state licensed program for adults who have a physical disability, the need for assistance with personal care, and those who need companionship while others are away.

Services Provided

A person center structured care program specifically designed for each picture ll 2person’s unique care assisting individuals with redeveloping cognitive, social and functional daily living skills. Each day at Living Life is filled with a variety of meaningful recreational, leisure activities and community based productive activities. Lead by friendly, licensed and trained staff (1 to 5 ratio) that can help improve the mental and physical health of those participating in a home like atmosphere, in a safe accessible setting.

Living Life provides references to services  allowing you to define the assistance you require to maintain independence thereby allowing a loved one to be at home with family and friends.

A Sensible Option

Day services at Living Life are an affordable way to have your loved ones safe and well cared for during regular working picture ll 7hours.When compared to the cost of moving into a full-time care facility, it’s easy to see the sense in keeping your loved one at home at night and on weekends. Not to mention that staying connected to family, friends, church, and the community is one of the best ways to maintain a stable and healthy environment.

Living Life Day Services Benefits

• Families have primary care of loved onespicture ll 5 (2)

• Provides supervised care while living at home

• Participants engage in social and therapeutic activities during the day

• Enhances the quality of life of participants and their families

• Safe environment where personal care is given, and the opportunity to socialize and build friendships is found

• Family and friends acting as care givers find respite from constant care, and benefit from the opportunity to run errands, meet appointments, continue their careers or schooling, and to rest

• Day services decreases Medicaid costs by reducing full time institutional care while still providing consistent health monitoring



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